Pureit filter modification / hack


If you own a Pure-it water filter then it’s very likely you’ve been a victim of flooding due to exhausted filter. Worse part is, most of the time, you don’t have a spare filter in stock. So till you buy a new one, you can’t use the filter.

Here I show you how you can modify an old filter module, so it can  be used in such emergencies.



If you look at picture 3 carefully, you can see a small plastic tip on the left side port. That is the valve that closes when the filter runs out of chlorine. What I’m going to do is to put something inside the port so it is lifted up opening the valve.

Find an old pen and take the top cap.


Split it into two halves



As you will not be able to split it exact equals, find the small piece and insert it inside using a flat screw driver


Here’s how it would look after you’ve done it.



Now put a mark on it and keep it somewhere you can find when you need it. Remember to store it carefully so filter is not contaminated by insects and dust.


Happy filtering.







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