Home made divan

Hi all,

I made this divan for my container. It’s made out of 4″ x 2″ timber frame and 3/4″ and 1/2″ MDF boards.

This is how the frame look likes. Two “stretched n” shaped pieces are connected by 4,  1/2″ MDF boards. Top sheet is 3/4″ MDF which actually remaining from my work table project.

Closer look at a leg section


3 drawers are just sitting on the floor. Each has wheels fixed to the rear part of the drawer, so they can be easily pulled out.

Finished with wood like sticker.

Not too difficult ha?

Tools used were drill, jigsaw, planer. Most difficult part of this is cutting timber in straight lines. Jigsawing with hand does not help here. Later I made a table saw with my grinder. It looked bit dangerous. I’m planning to make something much better, which I’ll post later.

Hope you enjoyed.

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