Iron timer

Hi all,

My previous iron had a feature it switches itself off when left alone for few minutes. However it died and it was a hassle to find parts, repair, so I decided buy another. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a similar iron which times-out when left alone, so ended up buying a normal iron. But I thought, timeout was a great feature, why not build outside and cameup with this.

Made out of e-bay and local electrical shop parts.

  1. 10 minute timer (
  2. Large push button switch with light (
  3. Deep switch boxes
  4. wires, plug base, plug top,
  5. Blank switch box cover for fixing the switch.


Push with toe to switch on the iron.

Deep boxes come in singles. I had to glue the two together.

Inside the box.

Here is the wiring

One of the features of this is, the way it is wired. When it times-out, it completely cut power to itself. Timer runs with its own output. In order to power it on, you need to press the button.

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