mount your “Gotek” formatted usb on linux

I recently purchased this USB floppy emulator from ebay



I fixed it on to my old Yamaha PSR 550 which had a floppy drive. Everything worked perfectly, but the issue was not being able to copy the virtual drive content on to the computer.

So I managed to write this simple python fuse script which can help you to mount the virtual floppy drive on USB stick to your linux machine.

If you have an emulator, then you must know what I’m talking about.

Here’s how you can mount virtual floppies on to you linux machine (tested on Ubuntu 14.04)

  1. Download this file gotek2
  2. Extract the two python files on to a directory
  3. get a root terminal
  4. insert the usb pen drive formatted with virtual drives
  5. create a temporary directory (say tmp)
  6. run (to mount the 5th vistual drive)
    1. ./ /dev/usb 5 tmp
  7. will continue to run
  8. on another terminal, go to the tmp direcotry
  9. you will see gotek-005.img file.
  10. mount this file using
    1. mount tmp/gotek-005.img /mnt
  11. copy / delete files on /mnt (5th drive)
  12. unmount when done
    1. umount /mnt
  13. wait for the message close :gotek-005.img
  14. stop by pressing ctrl+C
  15. make sure not to stop while a drive is mounted, it will corrupt the drive content.

Hope this will help someone.




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