Hello Friends,

I made DIYWeb.lk hoping that this will be a great meeting place for all you DIYers (and DIYers to be). Please feel free to share your projects, discuss problems / ideas and share your valuable knowledge in true DIY spirit.

My theme for DIY is “Effort is your reward”. Meaning your satisfaction of the effort you put in getting something done will be your reward. You will know this if you have put an effort to build something and you are happy about it.

For those who need bit more details:

What is DIY ? Do It Yourself.

Do what ? Design, Build, Repair,… anything.

Anything ? Yes, just about anything eg: masonry work, wood work, cars, plumbing, phones, TVs, computers, software, … anything.

Why ? There are many reasons why someone wants to do DIY. It’s fun (self satisfaction), easier, faster and economical than finding a person to do a job. For some jobs, you can’t find a reliable person for the job. So Doing It Yourself make sense.

Why the name DIY Web .lk ?

DIY  = Do It Yourself

Web = Network. A network that connects people who are interested in DIY

.lk     = Yes. There are enough sites on the internet that talk about DIY. They provide great DIY information. But there is no site that talks about “Sri Lankan” DIY. DIY has a big impact on locality. Your DIY capability will be heavily influenced by the materials and tools that can be found locally.

Please enjoy reading and don’t forget to contribute.


Before you start your DIY project, please read the note on SAFETY


Thank you,

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13th March 2015


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